Notice of Disclosure of Information under the Worker Dispatching.

 Worker dispatch performance and margin rate

Number of dispatch worker3 people
Number of dispatched offices1 company
Worker dispatch fee51,347 Yen (8 hours, average for all jobs)
Dispatch worker’s wage28,760 Yen (8 hours, average for all jobs)
Margin rate43.99%
Achievement acquisition date05/31/2023

Main expense included in margin rate

  • Company’s share of health insurance premiums, welfare pension premiums, employment insurance premiums, nursing care insurance premiums, industrial accident insurance premiums, commuting allowance, etc.
  • Wages required to take annual leave of absence
  • Recruitment, sales and management personnel costs, etc.
  • Recruitment, sales and management personnel costs
  • Welfare expenses such as medical examinations and company events

 Clear indication of labor-management agreements based on Article 30-4(1) of the Worker Dispatching Act

Conclusion informationConcluded
Eligible temporary workerAll dispatch workers
End of validity period03/31/2024